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About Us

SyNchRoniK Inc. is a company established in 2001 with a vision to cater the various automation needs of educational institutes in particular and other professional organizations in general. Also provide complete solution for proper & smooth functioning.

It’s our mission to help you succeed. Our customers are at the heart of SyNchRoniK’s purpose, tailoring and design. Your collaboration and significant contributions to ongoing developments and enhancements, help ensure we offer relevant solutions, faster. New delivery options help you lower costs and improve services without adding staff. These are just a few reasons SyNchRoniK is leading. SyNchRoniK’s, highest customer retention rate proves it works the way institutions need and expect. In fact, our first customer, installed in the year 2001, is still a customer.

Company has provided a very convenient & user friendly software for Library Automation & Management, Salary processing, Inventory Management & store keeping, Academic Monitoring, salary processing software as per Central Govt. norms, an Integrated College automation software (ERP) and many more…


Our Mission is : “To provide appropriate Software with high quality standard in reasonable charges, to make educational institute to provide better & efficient services to students, concern staff & all stake holders Undoubtedly, in the era of Information Technology and advancement in the various fields of education, we came up with a solution to tackle the situations.

“Satisfied customers are one of the important assets of the Company”

We provide Solutions for an Academic Institution in following main fields
  • 1. SoftLib : Software for Library Automation & Management which convert a traditional Library into an “Advance Information Center, with latest technology like RF ID”
  • 2. SackInfo : A Sack of Information which contains almost all information of the institute form any access point (web based) supported by Mobile friendly design & Android App .
  • 3. Salary Processing : As per the need of Central Govt. with various formats, schedules & statements.

We also provide some generalise solutions as
  • 1. SoftShop : The generalise software for small & mid size Retail shops & super market with Accounts, Ledgers, Inventory, Billing etc.
  • 2. Inventory : Very generalise software for Mid to Large size organisations for Inventory Management with the facilities of Lead Time, Reorder level, Quotation calling, FIFO, FILO, LIFO maintenance etc.
  • 3. Apart from all this we had also developed some specialise software for various State Government organisations for saving & retrieving valued information of Land & its Map, about court cases with result.
  • 4. The company had also provided solutions for very special need of some central Government Institutions Like National Civil Defense College & National Fire Service College for processing their Salary & provided out puts in Bi-Lingual form.

Our Specialities & Capabilities
  1. 1. The company believes in long-term relationship by providing prompt and effective after sales service to its valued customers.
  2. 2. The company never fails in terms of dead lines given by the customers.
  3. 3. The company had always provided accurate & efficient work.
  4. 4. The company has well-qualified and experienced team having specialization in various fields.
  5. 5. Customization of software when ever & where ever require, is very simple, even user can do by its own.
  6. 6. Separate division continuously busy in Research & Development.
  7. 7. Fully tested software with highest stability for lower, mid & higher end Users.
  8. 8. Adaptable to Modern techniques.
  9. 9. Regular interaction with user directly through Web Site, Telephonic, Chat & even through Site Visit
  10. 10. Company has better understanding, soft spoken & problem solving staff.
  11. 11. Staff is capable to develop any type of Application as and when require.
  12. 12. Software is ready to use, so that the user don't have to bother about previous transactions & software can be in use from day one of the implementation.

What makes us different?
  1. 1. We focus the customer’s requirements, we are accountable and we deliver exemplary customer service. Educational institutions are our first and only priority. It’s the single lens through which we focus on our customers. In fact, our entire business depends on your success. Our dedication runs deep, most of our employees have a background in education & latest technology.
  2. 2. Solutions are Designed Solely for Educational Institutions. For more than 18+ years, we’ve been focused solely on educational institutions, building unparalleled expertise that informs our solutions and services.
  3. 3. We are Innovative & Ready for the future technology, we offer the richest technology platform one designed for evolution.
  4. 4. We continue to lead with revolutionary new tools such as RF ID based automated attendance system, real time analysis of staff & student performance on various grounds, one touch communication and many more…
  5. 5. Transformative technology: We’ve built SackInfo on a solid foundation that has stood the test of time. It supports multiple types of educational institutions and doesn’t need to change in order to evolve. It’s adaptable. It’s flexible. It’s modern. It’s the heart of our extensibility approach. We’ve created more flexible technology on top of the leading educational data model—technology that can be configured easily to support the way you want to do business.
  6. 6. Concerned about administration and upgrades? SackInfo Integration and our Solution Manager ease application management and we provide services and support to manage everything for you. Put simply, with SackInfo, your investment pays off—even as you expand.
  7. 7. Advanced functionality that makes life easier and helps you deliver superior services to all users.
  8. 8. Cost-effective implementation based on a proven plan, consistent, seamless component deployments and delivery by the same company that wrote the software.
  9. 9. The ability to extend, customise and configure implementation with technology that integrates easily with 3rd party solutions.